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The photos are the bulk of these items.

They are often without text or sometimes accompanied of a text in French or Italian.

But the pictures are enough for the understanding.

The knowledge of the French or Italian is not therefore necessary to look at these photographic essays.



Click on the titles to have direct access to the photos !


Photo competition  in 1993 on Isola Maggiore

Full moon over Lake Trasimeno

Gufo, the owl

Dance of life

Green symphony

Colors of fall

Isola Maggiore : our garden and full moon at dawn

Complicity of two gardens

Twilight on the Lake Trasimeno

A cat in Via Guglielmi (Isola Maggiore)

Magical view on the two islands : Maggiore and Minore (Lake Trasimeno)

Chiesa San Michele Arcangelo in the winter

Essays on the verticality

Isola Minore to the dawn in the spring

Communion of Lake Trasimeno and clouds

Romantic view on the lake Trasimeno at twilight

 Silver Lake Trasimeno and Castiglione del Lago in the distant blue

Sculptures of ice of the Trasimeno : 8/02/2012

Fantomatic view of Castiglione del Lago

The diagonal ones

Our garden after the first snow

Photos macro at the lungo lago   (Isola Maggiore)

Photos macro at the lungo lago 2   (Isola Maggiore)

Cactus and succulent plants in our garden

After watering…

Deux cactus fidèles au poste